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Animal Research Support

Supporting animal care activities across multiple facilities

FEFA supports animal care activities across multiple facilities

Supporting Laboratory Animal Care — Please visit www.fefalac.com

FEFA is capable of supporting animal care activities across multiple facilities—this includes providing logistical, operational, and oversight support. Success requires a robust corporate infrastructure capable of providing operational support that is plentiful and readily accessible staffed by professionals well-versed in providing laboratory animal care to federal clients, and capable of providing a wealth of industry expertise.

Professional and Passionate Animal Care Personnel

FEFA passionately believes that there is no single factor of greater importance than the proper recruitment, selection, development, and retention of skilled personnel. Quality animal care must be performed by professionals as it requires the ability to follow strict procedures and demonstrate the ability to exercise professional judgment in environments where every possible scenario cannot be scripted. With this in mind, FEFA sets a very high bar—it employs a comprehensive recruiting strategy, uses strenuous selection criteria, applies rigorous training requirements, and demonstrates effective employee development and retention efforts. These efforts ensure that FEFA provides our clients with dedicated, capable laboratory animal professionals.

Consulting Capabilities: Added Value to our Animal Facilities

In addition to providing skilled and trained staff, FEFA offers:

  • AAALACi Accreditation Preparation which includes a full review of your Program Description, a site visit, and post-visit report, completed by both a DACLAM Veterinarian and an operations director, both with decades of AAALACi experience.
  • Vivarium Construction, Design, Renovation, and Equipment Selection Expertise are provided by professionals with extensive vivarium-specific engineering and architectural experience. Operations directors offer expertise from the perspective of the end user, providing the “lessons learned” insight only attained through first-hand experiences in vivarium design, construction, and selection of capital equipment.
  • Work Flow and Process Expertise is provided by operations directors with decades of experience in programs of all sizes and complexities. From Lean Six Sigma principles, to husbandry and cage processing for 20,000+ cages, our expertise in achieving efficient, effective operations is unrivaled.
  • Rodent Colony Management Expertise is provided by well-seasoned professionals with experience with the most challenging of inbred strains, and able to provide large-scale, programmatic colony management services that employ numerous technicians dedicated exclusively to colony management activities.

FEFA — Revolutionizing How Contract Animal Care is Conducted

Comprehensive Programmatic Support, Not Just “Contract Staffing”

Through Unrivaled Personnel and Operational Management Expertise, FEFA Achieves Outstanding Contract Performance. Beyond that, FEFA Provides a Depth of Industry Expertise that Spans the Spectrum of Programmatic Needs. From Veterinary Expertise, to AAALACi Accreditation, to Vivarium Architectural and Engineering Design, to Selection of Capital Equipment, to Rodent Colony Management, to Workflow Processes, FEFA Animal Care Clients Enjoy all of Our Consulting Capabilities, and Can Turn to Us for ALL of Their Programmatic Challenges.

Innovation and an unrelenting pursuit of continuous improvement deliver unrivaled quality, service, and value to our clients. That’s the FEFA Advantage! Ensuring animal welfare, regulatory compliance, and achieving AAALACi accreditation are but a few of the critical responsibilities with which our clients entrust us. The labor, materials, and capital equipment required to support these responsibilities are likely to be our client’s greatest financial commitment. Responsibilities of this magnitude demand not simply the provision of services, but instead a partnership. As such, FEFA does not simply provide “contract staffing”. We provide comprehensive, programmatic support that seeks not simply to fulfill contractual obligations, but instead seeks to help our clients achieve overall programmatic success now and in the years to come.

Unrivaled Personnel and Operations Management Expertise in Both Federal and Academic Settings

Experience and expertise in:

  • Simultaneous oversight of multiple facilities, housing tens of thousands of rodent cages, and numerous large animal and aquatics species.
  • Oversight of veterinary care and technical services in a wide range of settings.
  • Oversight of BSL 1-3 animal facilities, including Select Agents.
  • Oversight of massive cage processing operations, including numerous robots.

We have achieved record-setting performance evaluation scores, while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for our Federal clients.
That’s the FEFA Advantage!