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Information Technology and Security

Effective program management, mission-focused management skills

FEFA offers a full range of information technology (IT) services that enhance the functionality and performance of clients’ computing resources and networks

Building Efficient Systems, Maintaining Valuable Resources, and Protecting Vital Information

In today’s technology-driven world, an organization’s computing resources and networks are among its most vital assets. FEFA offers a full range of information technology (IT) services that enhance the functionality and performance of clients’ computing resources and networks. In addition to improving data access and output, speed, and security, FEFA enables clients to save money, time, and to take full advantage of the technology they use.

FEFA advocates the mission-driven use of IT. Our IT professionals carefully assess each client’s needs, technical specifications, cost constraints, and time requirements. We then leverage resources within and outside of the client’s organization to develop IT infrastructures and solutions that integrate easily into multiple computing and networking environments.

The FEFA team of IT professionals has experience and expertise in the following key areas:

  • Systems administration and architecture;
  • Hardware installation and maintenance;
  • Help desk development;
  • Database design and administration and business logic;
  • Application development;
  • Business process re-engineering;
  • Information security;
  • Website design, development, 508 compliance, and maintenance;
  • Large-scale project management support through every phase of the information technology lifecycle.

Consistent, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions

FEFA provides innovative equipment for our experienced professionals, which makes it possible for our staff to successfully provide government solutions. Focused on accuracy and integrity, our management and corporate support teams help FEFA provide clients with consistent and reliable solutions.

Information Technology Support

FEFA offers cost-effective and innovative solutions that leverage decades of extensive experience from a team of information technology professionals. These professionals are experienced in IT security; help desk support; network and database management; and they have an extensive and highly successful history of performing technical support for satisfied customers around the globe.

IT Mission Statement

To provide a full spectrum of professional services in Information Technology, Aviation Management, Logistics and Operations, Management Support, and Scientific and Technology Support that result in cost-effective solutions of strategic value to our customers and a rewarding work environment for our greatest assets—our employees.

FEFA is committed to Customer Service. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and provide quality service on time and within budget, enabling you to focus on core program mission objectives. FEFA provides experienced and qualified personnel. We match the right people with the tasks at hand and establish the processes and training tools needed to ensure program success. FEFA eliminates the high cost of recruiting, employee turnovers, and training of hard-to-find personnel.

    Information Technology Security
    • Threat Analysis
    • CIRC Operations
    • Certification and Accreditation
    • Security Plans and Procedures
    • Intrusion Detection and Monitoring
    Help Desk
    • Remote Access
    • Asset Management
    • Website Maintenance
    • Desktop and PDA Support
    • Application Maintenance
    • Technology Assessments
    • Tier I, II and III Operations
    • Web-Enabled Ticketing Systems
    • Trouble Shooting and Call Response
    • HW/SW Installations, Recovery and End-User Training
    Network Management
    • VTC Support
    • VoIP, VPN, RAS
    • Cable Installation
    • Server Management
    • HW/SW Maintenance
    • Network Engineering
    • Traffic Flow Analysis
    • COOP and Backup Plans
    • Configuration Management
    • IP, DNS, FTP, eMail Services
    • Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning
    Database Management
    • Data Archiving
    • Report Generation
    • Relational Databases
    • SQL and Oracle System Administration